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Free classifieds in Adenta
Free classifieds in Adenta
What didn’t I like ?!
Even before selling your goods or services, you are asked to transfer money to Avito’s account. Real estate and services cannot be added for free. Imagine that you have no money, and you climbed on Avito to put out the service “I fix the toilets, it’s not expensive”, but in order to hang this announcement for 1 month, you need to throw money, from 150 rubles. And no, this is essentially not a lot, but in 10 months this amount accumulates not a decent one, and orders are not a fact that there will be. Bottom line: you either get a penny or go into the red. I understand that the site should earn, but for some reason it seems to me that the owner of this service simply became poorer by several million a month, and decided to return all honestly earned money by all means.
2 free ads per month. I think it was already possible to stop at this, because even chickens laugh from this. I had 3 months 5 ads and no one wanted to buy my products. I do not blame the service for this, since there are people who always buy everything from. I also say this, that not every person’s sales can fly up, and instead of earning your things will simply depreciate if you endlessly pay Avito for them, which is what this service is counting on. As a result, you just go to the minus and that’s it.
But for the buyer, this service has everything. And search by category, and adding a favorite product to favorites, and contacting the seller, and a map, and everything, everything, everything. But even here, everything is not as crystal clear as it might seem. There are a lot of scammers on Avito, people who will try to drive you half-broken goods in which you do not understand nichrome, for example, a laptop or a phone. Thus, I bought computer speakers for 400 rubles, which in the first place does not cost so much, and secondly, they buzz and cut the ear when dragged. Sometimes, of course, you come across people who do not know what they are selling and can sell an expensive thing for a penny, for example, I bought a mirror camera for 3,500 with the whole set, which in a store would have cost me 30 thousand, no less.
Think and do what you want, but being a seller on Avito is a dubious occupation. And although there are a lot of people on YouTube who will prove that you can earn a lot on YouTube, this is not the case. Free classifieds in Adenta
There are contraindications, consult your doctor
They said everything right!
Avito is a paradise for scammers and dealers.
Simple sellers on this site have tightened the screws to the fullest.
Old accounts are blocked under any pretext. To prove something is simply not realistic. Avito will rip off the last penny from an honest seller of his used goods. After all, Avito is only profitable to deal with shops and hucksters. The entire site is filled with their products.
They demand money from an ordinary seller for placing ads. Moreover, I understand if things were new and everything new was constantly on sale, and so, for a penny used things, Avito demands money!
And what are the false reviews from buyers! The person has not bought anything, but he can write a review. Such absurdity is only on Avito.
Moreover, there are no reviews that are really needed, for example, about employers.


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