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Floor tiles for office and apartment, how to choose?

One of the most popular flooring solutions

Criteria for choosing floor tiles.

To begin with, let’s highlight a few criteria that will help us determine exactly how suitable a particular tile is in a bathroom, hallway or office space. The strength of the material comes first. High-quality floor tiles in an apartment or office must be able to withstand intense loads. The higher the stiffness limit, the longer the cladding will last.

Here you can add the thickness of individual elements. Porcelain stoneware for a bathroom can be 8-10 mm, but in working rooms it is best to purchase a material of 12-16 mm.

Any modern ceramic boasts anti-static properties and low moisture absorption. Let’s draw your attention to the frost resistance indicator. Porcelain stoneware for the office or ordinary tiles for an apartment may belong to the III group

The appearance of the coating is also important. Even inexpensive tiles are ready to offer a wide variety of colors and textures. We recommend choosing matt floor ceramics.

It is much more practical than glossy and is able to retain its beautiful appearance longer even under intensive use.

Another key criterion

The nuances of choosing ceramics for the home.

Decided to buy a tile for an apartment, but you were forced to stop by the characteristics of this material, which you had to get acquainted with in the store? Let’s talk about some of the nuances that will help you make out what the manufacturer wrote on the ceramic packaging:

The foot symbol on the box indicates that this is a flooring material, not an office wall tile.

Abrasion class (PEI) indicates the resistance of a material to wear. The higher it is, the better the tile is prepared for use.

The color coding of the quality is in accordance with international standards. The 1st grade is marked in red, this is the best tile with the lowest scrap percentage.

The style and colors of the tiles are determined by individual taste, as well as by the characteristics of the home interior. Often, it is the floor covering that is the starting point for decorating a room, so think carefully about how you want to see the hall, bathroom or kitchen.

When choosing a tile for your home, pay attention to its condition. Even the smallest cracks should be a reason for refusing a purchase. And don’t forget the glue.

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How to choose a tile for your office?

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